Transsib. Baikal
Along Lake Baikal

Dear Client    

We are very pleased to present you with our Trans Siberian Private Train Journey.

The train is chartered by Lernidee Trains & Cruises in Berlin, Germany.  Lernidee has more than 

20 years of experience in operating private trains and it all started with the Trans Siberian Journey.  The emphasis is on cultural exchange so we will not keep you on board our trains EVERY night - the local hotel experience is a must and gives you a great opportunity to get to know people in the country that you are in.

There are just a few compartments left for this season.  This year we added two departures (a total of twelve) and they are just about sold out!!


For further information please contact Roberto

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The Trans Siberian Train

The Trans Siberian Train is known as the "Zarengold" (the Czar's Gold).  The private train train carries max 200 passengers in five categories of compartments with the excursion groups not exceeding 26 passengers.

Trans Sib Map JUL2010

Sample itineraries (*Guaranteed in language of choice: English, French, Spanish or Italian for 6 passengers or more):

Moscow to Beijing (16 days, 3 nights in Beijing ):

Beijingto Moscow (15 days, 2 nights in Beijing ):

Moscow- Lake Baikal or vice versa

Please note that the above itineraries may also be shortened and are ideal for an extension to your Mongolia program. 



@  Your Private Train: safe, clean and comfortable 

@  City tours in Ulan Bator, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, and Kazan with max 26 passengers in the groups        

@  Train ride on the otherwise closed route of the Trans Siberian Railroad along Lake Baikal with two extensive photo stops

@  40 hours at Lake Baikal

@  Boat ride on Lake Baikal and the Volga in Moscow

@  Itinerary allows two days in Mongolia - sample the cuisine and enjoy an authentic Mongolian horse show

@  As we believe that you should take in the experience of mixing with the local people you  will stay at the best hotels in 2 cities between Moscow and Beijing

@  We operate a Private Train and we do not hook up to the local Russian train

@  Entertaining and informative daily lectures about countries, people and cultures

@  Traditional greetings with bread, salt and balalaika

@  For connoisseurs: vodka and caviar tasting

@  More cabin categories to choose from


Sample Cabin prices Per person USD rates:  (Same rates Eastbound or Westbound)

Category 1:

  $5,310 (4 passengers in cabin) $6,060 (3 passengers in cabin)  Two toilets per wagon

Category 2: 

  $7,650 double (two lower beds), $10,100 single.  Two toilets and one shower for 2-3 wagons

Category 3: 

  $9,950 double, $14,800 single  One bathroom w/handheld shower shared by two compartments

Category 4: 

  $12,995 dbl, $18,595 sgl. Bathroom w/ shower & toilet (ensuite facilities)

Category 5: 

  $15,995 dbl, $22,295 single. Bathroom w/ shower & toilet (ensuite facilities)


Rates include:

·  train and hotel accommodation

·  excursions

·  meals & transfers according to the itinerary



Shown here is a Category 2 compartment

Watch the Trans Siberian Journey videos Scroll down after it opens.



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For further information please contact Roberto