Client's Testimonials

Dear Roberto,
Thank you so much for all your work.
I would like you to know that you have done something extremely helpful to our family that goes beyond planning a trip.
We are very excited about the trip. I have also enjoyed getting to know you in our talks and I hope that we can keep in touch after the trip.

Take care,

Hi Roberto,
We had a great time.  We loved Venice and Rome and the tour guides were awesome.  The boys really got into the history discussions and everyone enjoyed.  Loved the hotel in Venice, it was very nice.  It was a great trip and we really appreciate your help and expertise.  
Thanks again,

I can see you not only have a talent for travel but as well as writing. Thank you for an amazing vacation!! It rocked and we had the best time! If I ever need to leave America, then Italy would be my new home.

Dear Editor,
As a fellow journalist, I thought it was important for you to get some feedback about a consultant with whom you work. I just came back from an Italian vacation that was, without question, one of the best trips I have ever taken. I give the lion's share of the credit to my consultant, Roberto Agostini. His planning was impeccable and the trip was perfectly tailored to what he astutely perceived to be my interests, likes and dislikes. This was a particular challenge because I was traveling with my mother, so he had to strike a balance that would enable us to see and do a lot without overly taxing her. The itinerary was perfect and the hotels were marvelous. In all four properties, we were treated like royalty and given upgrades; all because the managers wanted to please Roberto... he is very popular.
Roberto also ensured that we had a guide who would be appropriate for our needs. The guide was smart, sophisticated, charming and witty. He had great ideas and took us to places in Tuscany we would never have seen otherwise. He was also very patient with me while I did my outlet shopping!
Roberto's follow through was remarkable. I have never worked with a consultant who followed my trip and checked in with me to make sure everything was fine. I am used to consultants who plan a trip and then forget about me, so this was a unique and welcome change.
Finally, Roberto is a delight to deal with. I had very little time to plan this trip and did not give him a lot of information with which to work. Yet, he picked up on my personality and understood what it was I wanted in a vacation. He was always available flexible and greeted me with a good humor. I could go on and on.


Dear Roberto,
Thank you for all your help and attention to details on our trip to Italy.  Our hotels were wonderful and the staff personnel were helpful and very attentive.  Your tips on transportation saved us many steps and your tips on restaurants gave us some wonderful meals.
Our trip to Italy went smoothly and allowed us to simply explore Italy and soak up the Italian culture.
Thank you so much for all your efforts on our behalf and for helping us create wonderful memories of Italy.

Grazie mille,

Felice anno nuovo Roberto!
Mike and I think of you often and are very grateful to you for our Italian journey last year. You are a true gem and I've extolled your virtues to many.  I promise, on our next adventure and all to follow, you will be our expert.  We're happy and healthy and trust you had a buon natale.
We congratulate you on being the greatest travel specialist in the world!

Thank you again...
All our love,
Jeanne and Mike

Finally caught up and wanted to thank you for a terrific trip. Everything worked -- trains, planes, automobiles -- no hitches. The pace was busy but relaxed with great variety from day to day. Food was -- as expected -- tops. A local (STL) chef put us in touch with one of his suppliers in Reggio Emilia who steered us to great local cooking -- exactly what we wanted.
High marks additionally to the Due Torri in Verona.
The Stafford worked well. Much better location -- the cut-through to Green Park is a real plus.
The dinner we had at the Lyttleton was excellent. Probably one our best meals. Thank you again for an exceptional trip.

John and Jan

Dear Roberto, Connie and Edwin:
I want to thank each of your for the part you played in putting together such a wonderful trip. The planning and execution were great. The guides were wonderful without exception and while we covered a lot of ground (literally and figuratively), we never felt rushed or overwhelmed. Each city we visited had special highlights and memories for us, but I think hiking along the Great Wall has to be one of the all-time most memorable travel events in our family so far. Also the Shanghai Peninsula Hotel is superb!
Each of us has special memories from this trip, and, speaking for myself, the world will never look quite the same!


Dear Roberto-
We've heard from the boys and each has arrived safely back at home base; Shenyang for Peter, and Manhattan for Jonathan.
Both said they had a "fantastic" time and that it was a "once in a lifetime experience." They covered a lot of miles, saw a lot and learned a lot. Your meticulous planning, great advice, attention to detail and wonderful worldwide connections made it possible for them to have a fabulous journey, and for us to have peace of mind while they were traveling.

As always, you're the best-

Hola Roberto!
We had a wonderful time in Spain. All the guides were great and we had just the right proportion of guides/time on our own. The hotels were all perfect and the ALfonso XIII and the Mandarin Barcelona were especially great. You gave us great advice- we visited the Hotel Arts for a drink and the view and it was way too large for us and the Mandarin was perfectly located.
We loved the food, the cava (!) the people, the museums, everything. It was a great trip and thank you so much for putting it together.

Until next time---
Judith and Terry

Thanks again for an amazing visit to Italy.  Revealing Italy to my daughter for the first time is something I will never forget.  We appreciate all your help and guidance.

Hi Roberto,
I just got back today. Had a fantastic time. Have some more group shots to send you. Trip could not have gone any smoother. Have put on 3 kilos! The highlight was coming unto Venice 17 stories up on the ship with Italian music playing and drinking Moët. People were crying. Thanks again for all your help
Lynden, Australia

Good Evening Roberto-
Thank you for an amazing trip to Rome! We enjoyed our hotel rooms; the arrangement was perfect. And dinner at Mirabelle could not have been any better. Everything about that evening was spectacular. We had an amazing experience one that Monica will never forget. You made another fantastic family memory for us.
Talk to you soon; send my best to Maria.
Loretta Bueso

Dear Roberto,
I so appreciate your kind note.  Don enjoyed his telephone friendship with you and told everyone who would listen what a great job you did on our family trip.  We have all reflected on how glad we are that we seized that opportunity to be together.  Thank you for your help as well as your sympathy!  
Marion and Family

The trip to Italy was amazing, the accommodations at the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio was first class. Our room had a great view of Lago Como, they upgraded us to a lake view. Greg’s room was fit for a King and Queen..wow.., large balcony overlooking Lago Como.
The Excelsior Palace Hotel in Rapallo was breathtaking, 5 star service with a view of the Harbor overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. I couldn't believe how clear and blue the water was in the Mediterranean Sea…even Courtney jumped in a few times…
Went to the Four Season Hotel in Florence where Greg and Shannon were staying and it was beyond a 5 star hotel, another palace hotel….
You did a great job, most of all ….you created memories for all us…


Congratulations on your award and Happy New Year! You definitely deserve all the accolades, and then some! We still have such fond and vivid memories of our trip which you orchestrated, and can't thank you enough! We're possibly thinking of an Alaskan cruise, but only on something smallish... do you cover that part of the world or know someone that does? Again, congratulations!

Hi Roberto,
We had a wonderful time in Italy and very much enjoyed the cities and hotels you recommended. The staff at some of the hotels treated us like royalty and we didn’t want to leave!! This is especially true of the Due Torri in Verona, Excelsior Palace in Rapallo and of course Palazzo Avino in Ravello (our favorite!!). Tom and I ate so much pasta and drank great wine – even the house wine at many places was unbelievable….we have become very spoiled. I will send you under separate emails some photos of our visit.
Thank you for putting together this trip.
Ruth and Tom

You are magnificent. The bottle of champagne at the Four Seasons made my day. I've never had a trip like that before -- I was on assignment for the magazine -- and I'll never have one like that again, unless I get rich and you come along.
Sabina and I spent ten minutes talking about our love for you. You are simply the best, and I'm dying to have lunch soon to talk about my trip and other things. As always, when you do a trip like that, no matter how much you see, all you can think about is how much you missed.

Senior Editor

Hello Roberto,
It was amazing!  The hotel choices made transportation a breeze.   Thank you again, it would not have been possible to change our itinerary last minute and be in such logistically desirable locations without your help!

Hi Roberto...wanted to tell you our excursion to Siena/San Gimignano yesterday couldn't have been better. The scenery was breathtaking and lunch at Fattoria Poggio Alloro was magnificent. In a week+ of great meals, that is our #1 favorite. From start to finish. Add the view of the vineyards and olive country with the view of San Gimignano on the hill...it will forever be etched in our minds. Thank you for selecting such a wonderful experience!

Hello Roberto,
We made it home safely and feel a bit rested from a wonderful trip. We thank you again for all your careful planning and assistance. All 4 of us had a marvelous time - the pace was perfect, accommodations lovely and food FANTASTIC!
Each one of your tour guides/drivers was very knowledgeable and gracious. We were so happy to have their personal attention as we navigated each city, gallery and historical monument.
The side trip to the Tuscan countryside with lunch and wine tasting at the "farm" was the MOST memorable day for each of us (considering each day was memorable!). We managed to find the one day it was raining in Florence to leave the city for the countryside, where the weather was perfect. I'm not sure if you've been to Fattoria Poggio Alloro personally but it was magnificent and the Fioroni family was lovely. Of course, the scenery is purely, breathtakingly Tuscany...and the organic food and wine was out of this world. Simply prepared yet the most delicious.
The entire adventure is a family memory we will have forever. Thank you for everything, Roberto.


Dear Roberto,
Thank you for your assistance with the ferry from Trapani to Favignana.  The entire trip went very well.
We really appreciate the help.

Best regards,


Dear Roberto, Thank you so much for all your work. would like you to know that you have done something extremely helpful to our family that goes beyond planning a trip. We are very excited about the trip. I have also enjoyed getting to know you in our talks andI hope that we can keep in touch after the trip. Take care, Ann



Dear Roberto, Thank you so much for all your work. would like you to know that you have done something extremely helpful to our family that goes beyond planning a trip. We are very excited about the trip. I have also enjoyed getting to know you in our talks andI hope that we can keep in touch after the trip.