Jewish Tours

Northern Italy Jewish Heritage Tour


Day 1 :

Arrival in Venice , private transfer by boat to the Hotel Ca' Sagredo

1 ° Night in Venice


Day 2:

Full day walking tour with private English speaking guide, including the visit to the Jewish Museum of Venice.

Meeting at your hotel at 10.00am .

From the Guglie bridge following the route up the wide canal of Cannareggio to the former municipal slaughter-house on the edges of the lagoon, cross the bridge of Tre Archi and enter the Jewish quarter of the city. This is hardly ever included on the usual tours. The Venetian Ghetto, where for three centuries the Jewish were forced to live, we will visit the Jewish museum and some of the five Synagogues. You will be plunged in a particular atmosphere, in one of the older Jewish quarter in the entire world. A city on the city where we will found customs that just here you can feel.

Hotel in Venice

2 ° Night in Venice


Day 3:

Private tour by luxury minivan and English speaking guide/driver .Venice / Padua

 The tour departs from Venice , Piazzale Roma and takes you to Padua where you could imagine yourself in the past and where innumerable architectural examples can be admired inside the walls. Padua and its Province are among the liveliest and most dynamic areas in North-East Italy from both the cultural and economic point of view. Padua has a great artistic and cultural tradition and possesses famous monuments such as the University that is among the oldest and most renowned in Europe , the Scrovegni Chapel, which holds the most complete cycle of entirely preserved frescoes produced by (Giotto, and the Basilica of St. Anthony, which attracts pilgrims from all over the world. The Province has a vast but little-known cultural and artistic heritage and great natural assets. In the late afternoon return to Venice

3 ° Night in Venice


Day 4:

Private tour by luxury minivan and English speaking guide/driver-Venice / Verona

A refined artistic city at the foot of the Berici Mountains , Vicenza is an active industrial, commercial and artisan center, noted for its traditional processing of silk and gold. Its historic center, whose fulcrum is the lively Piazza dei Signori, is rich in beautiful palaces of Gothic-Venetian and Renaissance style.
Home of the great architect Palladio, who lived here doing the 1500's, Vicenza preserves many of his works such as the splendid Teatro Olimpico and the majestic Palazzo della Ragione, known as the "Basilica", the symbol of the city. The gastronomy is rich and diverse with such specialties as snails with garlic and parsley, "risi e bisi" rice with asparagus and the incredibly famous "baccalà alla vicentina".

Hotel Le Due Torri in Verona .

1 ° Night in Verona


Day 5:

Private tour by luxury minivan and English speaking guide/driver.- Verona

Fine medieval palaces and churches, ancient squares and the magnificent Roman Arena in a town of Shakespearian echoes
A city of the western Venetian region, capital of the province with the same name, Verona is situated on the two banks of the Adige between the plain and foothills of the Lessini Mountains .

Verona is not only the city of Romeo and Juliet but also that of the Arena, a wonderful example of Roman architecture.

Its historical has elegant palaces built in mediaeval times and various Roman remains whose magnificence can be rivaled only in Rome itself.

After lunch you will be able to relax and in the afternoom visit to the Synagogue of Verona .

2 ° Night in Verona


Day 6:

Private tour by luxury minivan and English speaking guide/driver.- Verona / Ivrea

This day is dedicated to move from Verona to Ivrea

Sightseeing on the road: garda Lake and Maggiore Lake .

Hotel Castello di Pavone

1 ° Night in Pavone Canavese


Day 7:

Private tour by luxury minivan and English speaking guide/driver

This tour id dedicated to see  Biella city, its synagogue and the Oropa Sanctuary one of the most famous and ancient pilgrimage destination in Italy. The tour of

  Biella including the funicular trip to reach the Piazzo plane, which was the first settlement of the village called "Bugella" dating back to 826 a.c.
We'll visit the Cisterna Square , Saint Giacomo church, Pozzo and Cisterna Palace , and many others more.

Return to the Hotel Castello di Pavone

2 ° Night in Pavone Canavese


Day 8:

Private tour by luxury minivan and english speaking guide/driver

This tour is dedicated to see Casale Monferrato and the famous synagogue :


Casale Monferrato

Midway between Turin and Milan in Italy ’s northwest Piedmont region stands the small city of Casale Monferrato , which holds a small jewel of a synagogue, in a colorful baroque style verging on rococo.

The congregation counts 26 members, most living in Milano and Turin .

The small but vibrant Jewish museum, is in a labyrinth of rooms adjoining the sanctuary, they are filled with Torah crowns, menorahs, and other Jewish objects.

The museum is contributing to the education of the largely non-Jewish community that surrounds it.

3 ° Night in Pavone Canavese


Day 9:

Private tour by luxury minivan and English speaking guide/driver – Turin



  Turin is a thriving community of some 1,100 Jews. The community boasts its own day school with 100 students, a home for the elderly and historical archives with more than 3,700 titles.

Turin ’s Jews have their roots in 15th century migrations from Inquisition-era Spain by way of France . For a couple of centuries, they eked out an existence under the dukes and kings of Savoy . Barred from owning real estate, serving in the military, joining a trade or craft guild and attending schools, the Jewish population, compelled to wear a yellow mark on their clothing, were permitted to work as pawnbrokers and reweaves.

The heart of the community is an imposing 1880 synagogue, with mosque-like turrets and three different worship spaces.

The top level houses festival celebrations, the sunken sanctuary below is home to the weekly Shabbat services and the smallest space displays an ark from the original ghetto synagogue, its ornate decorations repainted in black and gold, to honor King Carlo Alberto who in 1848, abolished the ghetto, only to die the following year.

It’s a typical post-emancipation synagogue grand, monumental, because after years of ghetto life, Jewish people wanted to show their presence here.


Hotel Golden Palace – Turin

1 ° Night in Turin


Day 10:

Private tour by luxury minivan and English speaking guide/driver – Turin

Day dedicated to see the Synagogues of Asti and Cuneo .

2 ° Night in Turin


Day 11:

Private tour by luxury minivan and English speaking guide/driver – Turin / Milan

Day dedicated to move from Turin to Milan

Hotel Park Hyatt in Milan

1 ° Night in Milan


Day 12:

Private tour by luxury minivan and English speaking guide/driver – Milan

Day dedicated to discover Milan and shopping in a some special Jewish Store .

2 °Night in Milan


Day 13:
Private tour by luxury minivan and English speaking guide/driver – Milan

Day dedicated to discover the synagogues of Milan

3 ° Night in Milan


Day 14:

No tour

4 ° Night in Milan


Day 15:

Private transfer to Milan airport.