Italy's Ristorante


iL Latini

Typical Florentine Home Cooking

  Maria Hawkins and Michele Notarfrancesco



Via dei Gerogofili, 3r-7r

Owner, Alessandro Franssica and Maria Ino Assisstants preparing dishes


Ino, one of the most interesting novelties in Florence. 

Our idea is to create a meeting point for people who, guided by their passion for good food, want to know  and be known, satisfy their curiosity  and find a place where their voices can be heard. 

The store offers artisanal enogastronomical products of high quality, carefully selected during trips and visits to local and regional  purveyors.  Food and wine are culture, they are part of Italian roots, and good products to eat and drink can stimulate and fulfil our search for  pleasure.
 A moment to rest, an escape from everyday worries through flavours and tastes for our  senses, to discover that even a simple "lunch break" can be an experience of life and an opportunity for knowledge.


La Giostra

The chef/owner is Dimitri d'Asburgo Lorena, a Hapsburg prince (with some local Medici blood for good measure) who opened this restaurant merely to indulge his love of cooking. They start you off with a complimentary flute of spumanti before you plunge into the tasty crostini misti and exquisite primi.



 ōbikā “Mozzarella bar”

A new concept in Italian Dining

In the Neapolitan dialect, “obikà” means “here it is!” – an invitation to choose from and taste high-quality organic food placed on display in glass cupboards.



A Milanese experience not to be missed!!






Harry's Bar Trevi

Via di San Vincenzo 6

Telephone:  06-6919-0607

Excavation under the Fountain of Trevi in Rome

Maria and Manager of Harry's Bar Trevi, Enzo Fiaschetti



Centurion Palace Antinoo's

Lounge & Restaurant

Chef Massimo Livan


The Canova restaurant in Venice, winner of the Fogher d’Oro and Gambero Rosso awards, provides an intimate, cosy atmosphere which hosts up to 65 people.

The chef proposes suggestions and tastings from the best of Venetian culinary tradition, using extremely high-quality, fresh, seasonal products. The wine cellar offers a wide range of national and international labels.


Do Forni

To renew the flavour of the most delicious cuisine creativity, the pleasure of the taste starts at the I Do Forni


Eligio Paties and Maria

In the Orient Express dining room, Roberto has his own table for 4  reserved every evening for his clients until 8 o’çlock.  Mention Roberto's name to receive a 15% discount!!


Ostaria al Garanghelo

Annalisa and Renato